The Styled Life Spotlight: Chloe + Isabel Accessories with Rebecca Zimmerman


Today we are proud to feature a new retailer that is joining our community of stylish members: Chloe + Isabel.  Brought to us by merchandiser, Rebecca Zimmerman, we are excited to accessorize ourselves with some new jewelry!  Learn more about Becky and the amazing new line of accessories from Chloe + Isabel in this exclusive interview!


Share with us your background and how you got started with Chloe + Isabel…

I am a teacher and a new mom and love fashion.  I have always loved accessories and being able to change up outfits I have (or even simple outfits) with a scarf or jewelry.  Several months ago, I came across a feature on Chloe + Isabel in People magazine that featured the Sculpted Feather Hinged Cuff. I looked up the piece and started exploring the site for other items that interested me. I soon found my shopping cart full of items from everyday delicate pieces to statement pieces full of color. On checkout, the question came up about being interested in becoming a merchandiser. After receiving my order and speaking to a consultant, I was hooked! I love sharing the jewelry and accessories!



What do you love most about the jewelry and company?

I love the versatility in the pieces! If in the title it says “convertible” [the piece] can be worn multiple ways. Almost 75% of the necklaces and earrings are this way, meaning you can get more looks for the same amount of money. It really makes everything more valuable. In addition, everything is money back guaranteed for life and hypoallergenic .




What is your customer like?  What do they wear?

The best part about this jewelry is we appeal to everyone! I don’t have just one type of customer. From high school seniors looking for prom jewelry, to grandmas’s going to church, to even men….we have something to appeal to every age group and every taste.




What are your current favorite products?

I currently love the Limencello line…. there is the wrap, the statement necklace, statement earrings, beach towel, iPhone case, and even a beach hat. All inspired by lemons and Italy.



Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself or the jewels?

I think if you want to update your accessories with items that are high quality that will last this is the brand for you. Fun and fresh but also pieces that are completely timeless!


Chloe + Isabel products are now available for purchase via your THE STYLED LIFE account!  Create an outfit or request an outfit with any of the new pieces and purchase them directly from your dashboard.


Create and save an outfit with any of the gorgeous jewels…

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.50.16 PM.png

Open the outfit in your dashboard to purchase the item and save it to your closet.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.50.55 PM.png


Happy shopping!


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