Featured Wardrobe Stylist: Nicole Kucab




Share with us your background and how you got started with styling…


My love of fashion and style began at 16 when I first started working retail in our local mall.  From then on I began informally styling family and friends, always searching to help them find “the perfect outfit” for their upcoming events.  It wasn’t till I began working with The Styled Life in 2015 that it became apparent there was a need for this service and my passion could also be a business.


When did Perfectly Appropriate start and how has your styling business evolved since?


Perfectly Appropriate was launched in January of 2016 and has been steadily growing ever since! It’s been fascinating to start something from scratch and define what people are looking for in a personal stylist.  Currently, I have a very loyal and steady client base and lots of plans for the future.  My next mission is to get a blog up and running with my website – stay tuned….

What do you love most about your job?

There is nothing more thrilling than knowing I’ve helped someone feel more confident in their wardrobe and genuinely excited about what they are wearing.  Saving people time and money by taking the guesswork out of what to wear is remarkably satisfying.  Not to mention, I love to shop!  Helping select key items to get more mileage out of a wardrobe is a real perk.


What is your ideal client like and what do they wear?  What are they interested in?

My ideal client is anyone who looks in their closet and feels overwhelmed.  I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t have a wonderful wardrobe just waiting for a fresh perspective.  Many times it is the finishing touches that can take you from feeling standard to stylish.  My clients are looking for advice on those finishing touches as well as a quick daily solution for what to wear.


What are your current favorite styles for the season?

Spring and summer styles are my absolute favorite and this season is no exception.  I can not get enough of bold bohemian floral prints and stacked heels.  Lace details are huge right now and I will wear them on anything from jackets to shorts.  Seeing the athleisure presence again this season was wonderful since is a staple in my daily life.


Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself or styling tips you would like to share?

Style is defined by individual taste and preference.  It can be influenced by trends but is always highly personal.  I love to help people identify what the “Perfectly Appropriate” wardrobe choice is for their unique personality and lifestyle.




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