Local Business Spotlight: Clarkston Makeup Studio



We are so excited to feature another local business in today’s spotlight: Clarkston Makeup Studio!  The owner, Aubrey Emerson, is an amazing woman who is touching lives through beauty and makeup daily.  Learn more about her fabulous space and services in our exclusive interview!




Share with us your career background and how you got started…

When did Clarkston Makeup Studio open and how has your store evolved since?
Clarkston Makeup Studio opened March 28th 2015. Since opening less than a year ago I have noticed the community has embraced my business and welcomed me with open arms. I have also been able to expand business by offering new services such as group makeup lessons. Since offering this at the studio it has become a huge hit in the community. My clients love that they can spend a night out with their friends learning about makeup together, and I love being able to guide them to trying new things and enhancing their technique. Almost six months into opening the studio I was already becoming busy and needed to hire another artist. I hired Lexi, who brought new things to my business as well. Lexi is a body painter and does henna designs, I am so happy to have these new talents present in my studio.


What do you love most about your job?

I love what I do, so for me I don’t feel like I’m working. I get excited everyday to see my clients and to help them in any way I can. It’s always hard for me to leave the studio because I am truly doing what I love everyday. I can’t even say what my favorite service to perform is because I need all of them in my life. If I spend all day doing brows then I get so excited for my next makeup application, and vice versa. I am so blessed to have the clients that I do and to have the studio of my dreams.

What is your customer like and what do they wear?

My clients are a variety of ages, genders and skill levels. We have a lot of mothers who are coming to the studio to get their brows done or spending some much needed time on themselves when they want a makeup lesson. We have lots of males who come in to get their brows done. Young girls often come in for brows or to get their makeup done for Prom or Homecoming. We are often seeing our clients wearing a range of clothing from office wear, workout clothes, all the way to formal wedding attire.

What are your current favorite products in store?

We only carry products we love! Picking favorites is hard but we cant get enough of our Soft Taupe brow definer. It’s a felt tip marker for your brows, it creates a very sheer coverage to fill in the shape of the eyebrow easily and naturally. Our other favorite makeup product would have to the be Tinted Moisturizer. It has an SPF of 20 and is a great sheer natural coverage, great for moms on the go who can’t fuss with foundation.
Anything else you would like to tell us?
Clarkston Makeup Studio embraces everyone. We love every face that walks through our doors, whether you have all the makeup in the world or you’ve only ever had lip balm. We believe that everyone is beautiful and that everyone is welcome. The studio is your refuge from daily life, to pamper yourself with a lesson, or to let us pamper you with an eyebrow arch or makeup application. We are always excited to spend time sharing our knowledge and our passion with Clarkston and wherever our clients come to us from.
Thank you so much for sharing with us.  Be sure to check out Clarkston Makeup Studio’s webpage and social media for upcoming events and to book your appointments!

One thought on “Local Business Spotlight: Clarkston Makeup Studio

  1. I love to watch my friend Aubrey at work. She is an artist and truly loves her profession! Aubrey is the best!!❤️


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